the story of ping

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From: John Klassa (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 04:48:04 PDT

The Story of the Ping Program:

My favorite part:

> The best ping story I've ever heard was told to me at a USENIX
> conference, where a network administrator with an intermittent Ethernet
> had linked the ping program to his vocoder program, in essence writing:
> ping goodhost | sed -e 's/.*/ping/' | vocoder
> He wired the vocoder's output into his office stereo and turned up the
> volume as loud as he could stand. The computer sat there shouting "Ping,
> ping, ping..." once a second, and he wandered through the building
> wiggling Ethernet connectors until the sound stopped. And that's how he
> found the intermittent failure.

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