RE: More math and open source

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From: Fielding, Roy (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 16:54:33 PDT

Dave, you are making the same mistake that OSI made -- the term
open source consists of two common words with an already established
meaning that has very little to do with the "Open Source" definition
proposed by the OSI board (a.k.a., the Debian Free Software Guidelines).

Categorizing open source developers with the Open Source Definition
and the OSI group is just lame. The OSI and the OSD are completely
irrelevant to my work. I have been doing this stuff far longer than
they have existed. What they say and do has no relevance whatsoever
to the power of open source for collaborative development of software.

So, making proclamations on open source based only on what the OSI
says or claims about "Open Source" is like comparing the quality
of engineering at Microsoft versus engineering at IBM based on what
their respective marketing departments say at a sales meeting.


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