Re: More math and open source

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 16:49:18 PDT

> Great, we've devolved fully to schoolyard logic. Dave

Better than barnyard logic, I suppose.

Dave, I don't think a man has ever needed a blowjob as bad as you. ;-) To be
perfectly clear: I'm not volunteering, it's just an observation. Wouldja let
all your FoRK buddies chip in and, um, buy one for you? The RSS situation
really does stink. We feel for ya. And if you want to redefine "open source"
to be whatever you want, more power to ya. In the meantime, you oughta head to
the beach or something, kick back, blow off a little steam.



PS - This whole thread reminds me of a DaveNet column once upon a time about
somebody (hmmm, who was that?) "interfering" with the Mac by stating opinions
about it. Only in this case, it's the other way around: it's "interference"
with somebody else's notion of "open source." Can't we all just get along?
:-) Does there *really* have to be "One True Religion?" In the case of the
RSS thing, I can understand the pain --- it creates terminological trauma and
market confusion for their to be divergence of two efforts called the same
thing. Absolutely in that case it should be originator wins. But jeez... I'm
just not sure losing sleep over what "open source" really means is worthwhile.
Unless you happen to be RMS, maybe, but hopefully somebody is paying for him to
see a really good therapist.

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