bits vs. barfs; the Straight Dope

Charles Kerr (
Tue, 19 May 1998 16:38:42 -0500

> also, who the fuck gets the right to say what i can and
> cannot put into my os. Land of the free bubbie, you want
> socialistic reforms go peddle it to...well wher ever it
> is they still do that.
> In legal terms the answert to this this BLOW ME.
> I tell ya what, you keep the meds for yourself. When your
> feeling better maybe we can continue with the topic.
> Until then, happy zonning.

Looks like we're back to stage 5 on the mailing list
life cycle.

Tom, we fork bits here, not barfs. Could you
please move this garbage to an .advocacy newsgroup
or ZDNN "talkback" section where it belongs?

ObBit: _The Straight Dope_ is a weekly column by
Cecil Adams which has been chugging along for 25
years or so in syndication to the free/weekly-type
newspapers. It's online with a modest archive at
<>, which is good news
for me because tSD isn't syndicated out in the sticks
where I live. It's worth visiting periodically;
I've got it in the same hit list as Alertbox, FCFoC,
and the real Cringely.

``It's the scope and integrity of purpose that
places Cece far apart from those who refer to
themselves as peers. Uncle Cece has covered
everything from the number of WWII cigarette
casualties (June 10, 1994), Castor oil as a
torture device (April 22, 1994), Social Security
trust funds (August 19, 1994), Eunuchs catching
AIDS (July 15, 1994), swabbing the arm of a man
about to be executed by lethal injection, the
caloric content of the average male ejaculate,
and why people dig Jesus. You want hand-holding
and rationalizations to leave your incestuous
family? Go Ask Meg. You want to allay your fears
of spontaneous combustion and air embolisms?
You go to the Meat-and-Potatoes Man: Uncle Cece.''