Re: bits vs. barfs; the Straight Dope

Tom Whore (
Tue, 19 May 1998 16:17:48 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 19 May 1998, Charles Kerr wrote:

> Looks like we're back to stage 5 on the mailing list
> life cycle.
> Tom, we fork bits here, not barfs. Could you
> please move this garbage to an .advocacy newsgroup
> or ZDNN "talkback" section where it belongs?

Where it belongs? where it belongs. Lets mull this phrase over a little,
shall we.

Yea, maybe I do tend to post things with a bit too much personal spin on
em. Yea, maybe i dont have a hand full of urls to back up things Im
saying. So i guese that just makes it all something not worth
reading...ouch, im hurt. Some one help me up, Ive fallen over from the
shame of being me.

I am sory. I forgot some folks on the list seem to need validation of
thier ideas before they can intergrate, or is that bundle, them into thier
own thought space. I forgot that unless you spoon feed the kiddes they
might barf up on the meaty parts. Mea Culpa.

Actualy, Im not goona flamer yer buttt like a slab of ribs over at tenese

instead ill be nice and offer you some advice on how youll never have to
hear of me or my barfbits again.

You could join AOL where they have a Tos plan so you can get folks who are
"nasty and mean and barfy" kicked off.

OR you could just filter me out. Yea, that would be better,. You could
simply turn me off like a tap of Guinnes in an AA meeting.

OR you could post away nice safe unpersonal stuff like CEcil and the like.
Nothing wrong with Cec, i dog the column alot , by the way.
(you already got that url)

OR Oh i dont know, you could maybe realize that somefolks have thoughts
and opinons on subjects that are not classifed away to some predefined
pidgeon hole or supported by a reffernce list.
(no url provided)

(why is it that even in this advanced age of things folks just cant talk
along , disagree at times, have varied ways of experssion and just I dont
know... why cant we all just get along? is that so wrong?