Reset accepted and a further look under the hood.

Tom Whore (
Tue, 19 May 1998 14:46:51 -0700 (PDT)

Reset accepted.

For me I did not key off the prozac thing, i realy dont have a plus or
minus reaction to them much at all. I have never been on meds.
Medicaly Im pretty balanced aside from the grand proportion of my mass.
Mentaly, well I would not ever call myself sane
but i do have a fair amount of grounding .

Also, i was actualy enjoying some of the ideas being put forth on the
subject. the whole China Wall concept is interesting. So when I saw a red
flag waving email I was none to happy. Now that we are back on

This thread chesed me off for all the reasons I stated, and being in the
middle of the biz end of it, both end user , tech, and corp end
I am getting more than a little touchy. I mean come on, its like the
Rodney King video now, you just keep waiting for it to end but it doesnt.
Maybe MS needs Al Sharpton doing thier advocacy.

Several points that ring true.

If MS did make a DNC fund raiser or two I am very sure they would not be
half in the shitter like they are. In fact I think Bills general attitude
that politicains are worthless is getting him in trouble now.

The Gov has been itching for a while to makea mark on the TECH biz, a biz
they see as not only part of thier grand scheme of things (defense,
commerace, the populace relying on it) but as something that "got away "
from them. I mean imagine the folks who realized the power of the NET and
how they almost let it get 100% away from them. Who knew? It was just some
ivory tower DOD thing.

The gov must also be seeing the crypto/tech tie in as a real danger. I
think a lot of my venom comes over from the whole Louis Freh For Freedom
campaigns and the general way the Gov is seeming to want to control
eveything it does not even understand. And for good reasons, to them at

Can you imagine a populace that can carry out transactions without the gov
getting a piece? with crypto and mass tech thats possible. With the
intergration of new and improving tech that gets even harder to stop. But
for the gov to control it , even a smidgen, they need to undersand it, and
they dont, and they are aware they dont. So they ned to slow things down,
get a grasp on things, and then see where they can get thier hooks in good
and strong.

Look at the blunders of the past 10 years. Clipper went down big. They are
loosing the crypto fight. They are watching as tech spins new ways to
transact and gain power that they dont understand. They underrated a lot
of the tech they funded and its comming back to bite them in the butt(from
thier perspective).

So here we are watching them try to grab teleco, crypto, transaction,
tech, and broadcast reigns on the run away horse of the industry.

Next stop Intel. all aboard....