Re: 2002 (Two Corollaries)

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Tue, 19 May 1998 13:38:38 -0700

> I forgot to report two important developments from my seat here four
> years in the future...

Heck, as long as we are making predictions....

I was flipping the AM stations around yesterday and
came across the Art Bell show [1]. There was a woman
speaking on the vulnerability of all satellites out in
space due to a predicted meteorite/sandstorm that will
hit November 17th, 1998. They are predicting the blackout
of major communication channels that depend on all
sorts of satellites and are beginning to discuss what
actions they can take to protect those already in space.
They say that there will be possibly up to 150,000 visible
'shooting stars' and every single thing up there will
receive a generous pelting of sand particles. They haven't
updated the WWW page yet to reflect all of Sunday's broadcast.
My recommendation? Rohit, get a date and a bottle of something
and watch the show from someplace cozy and secluded.

This page reminded me of another show I meant to post. This
guy deserves the Darwin award of the year. Despite repeated
warnings, he called in live to the Art Bell show flying into
Area 51. It's kind of an urban legend/April fool's joke,
but, if true, what an idiot. [2]