Re: [VOID] Watching the World Wake Up

Steve Nordquist (
Tue, 12 May 1998 21:41:09 -0500

Joachim Feise wrote:

> Khare wrote:
> > But no, I'm on Win95. There's no UUdecode utility, you silly wabbit! I
> > tried prying apart the MS Newsreader and Outlook Express, all to no avail.
> You are certainly not up-to-date on the Windows shareware front:
> WinZip ( would have helped here.

As would, if not a Big Drain of Time for Rohit,"Virtually UN*X"
This packs tcsh, MiKTeX (oh boy. ghostscript applications.)
gz and a variety of other shell utilities (free) for your piping and
lp/cp/kill/SEND enjoyment.
It does not turn NT into a love-in on an insurable basis. :./

WinPack32, which handles more archive types (good handling for
lzh, gz, tar, etc archives; be still my virtual tape system) will not
automagically create an unzipping temp directory and run
an install for you, but it seems to be good stuff from the
21-day trialware I have had 20 days (vendor follows:)

Convergence Software Designs & Development
ATTN: Randy Snow
2115 Industrial Drive
Altus, Ok. 73521

please email or call for current fax number

Price breaks start at 11 copies...
1 to 10 copies for $21.00
11 to 50 copies for $18.00
51 to 100 copies for $16.00
101 to 200 copies for $13.00
201 to 300 copies for $11.00
301 to 500 copies for $9.00 [as at movies, *Best Valu* goes
to the skinny kid teetering off
with the 70-oz. Sprite.]

> IMHO, the most important
> program for Windows.
> Internet File Format Support: WinZip includes built-in support for popular
> Internet file formats (TAR, gzip, Unix compress

Now for SQUIZ, RAR, PGPack, and the XM_/_ML to take 'em.