Front Page concerns...

CobraBoy (
Sat, 16 May 1998 12:09:41 -0700

> Geof Wiley, an ISP employee, had this to say about his run-in with
>Microsoft's "Front Page" HTML editor:
> Microsoft Front Page 98 will allow you to delete entire web directories
>or whatever you want to delete, if the server is not setup correctly.
> I work for JCN ISP and we had the Microsoft Front Page extensions
>installed so users could use Front Page extras.
> Well those extras cost us one night. A few nights ago someone deleted all
>of our users directories. Luckily we had a backup from earlier that night.
> I used a copy of Front Page 98(v3.0.2.96) and it allowed me to click on
>the open folder and type in a server name such as and it
>would show me the root directory instead of just my directory. I was then
>able to delete any and all directories I wanted to. I even checked the FTP
>logs, it didn't even show that a user was logged in during that time.
> We have since taken these extensions off our server. I don't know who
>this effects, but you may want to test your Front Page extension equipped
>servers to see if this happens to you. Make sure you have these set up



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