Re: Sun VP/general counsel and RonIbid

Steve Nordquist (
Sat, 16 May 1998 02:41:39 -0500

Overall correction:
Today's RonIbid is at

JoeBarrera wrote:

> "We're not going to let the market decide what's appropriate," said Morris.

Which is just, after all the work on JavaNICs, USB Java enginesand Java MPEG-2
and IEEE 1393 codecs they put out.

now, a prize to whoever can find where they put it out:
Genuine Farsi or APL keyboard!

> (After all, why bother competing in the marketplace when you've got
> lawyers?)

I think the delay (if MS Prudence with State Attorneys has lasted this long)
is due to the thing with MS Attorneys and channel creation at the dawn
of Windows (consumer channels, not that ASP won't be confused
with it between 4 and 7 AM EST :^/ .)