Re: William Perry to speak at UCI

Steve Nordquist (
Sat, 16 May 1998 02:17:42 -0500

Jim Whitehead wrote:

> For SoCal FoRKs:

No need to cite the Palo Alto existence theorem to me! (Huff Huff Huff :) )

> William Perry, former U.S. Secretary of Defense (1994-1997) will be speaking
> at UCI on Tuesday, May 19, from 7-8:20PM, in Social Science Lecture Hall
> 100. The talk is hosted by the Global Peace and Conflict Studies research
> group at UCI (the university was founded in the late 60's...) The topic of
> his talk is: Preventative Defense: An American Security Policy for the 21st
> Century.

Spies on AeRosPace.

> It might be interesting to ask him about India's bomb tests, and their
> singificance.

Whatever it is...I'm agaaaainst it.Oh yeah, about prevailing winds ca. Pakistan:

They go straight up,
then straight down again.

> Unfortunately I'll be in Orlando, Florida, otherwise I'd
> surely be there.

When you get to the top of the dome, tell the Aliens that
the modern Indian navy shows no sign of wanting
to take out the gravity control machine in the Indian Ocean.