Re: Bombs tested, Sinatra Dead

Steve Nordquist (
Sat, 16 May 1998 01:41:41 -0500

(Quoting of R prime deleted by a process called 'crash.')

Pakistan's chief nuclear scientist (named, in Excite's
news) came out with a statement that they will be prepared
to bomb EVERY INDIAN CITY in short order. Whose backside
cache enabled that? Perhaps there's an Anti-Adam out there
with a 'Must Die' roster of that extent.
Are they rather, counting a total of
3 Indian cities, counting on the mass of bricolage
which would follow their missiles' trajectory, which I believe
would necessarily loop over the Caspian (or alternately, Canada,
or if their testing program is truly fantastic, apogee over
Ecuador) before coming back down?

As to acceptable losses to the US armed stuff groups,
see the archives on /*OS Reference deleted*/ for USAF
(read: last holdout) use. Excess for all.

See NTK archives for notes on laser pointers that are
not eye-safe for reasons to sanction India iff it was a real
atmospheric test (i.e. 4-12km from ground, not SALT II's
-5 (deeper than our tectonic plates, but not India's) to
+whatever from SEA LEVEL range. Certainly this does
not ride the Science Fiction kick in 1996
('93 for Heinlein!) in which India explodes bombs
that affect peoples' minds, in high earth orbit.

It looks like 'Agni' is a reserved word now, so I might not
use it so much in theistic analogy

The Point I crash/crashed on is that this is merely
the BJP's answer to the ECU; regionalism, an end
to Ru investment clubs as they are, and incentive for the
politically disinclined.

Or, possibly, Riva (the politician, not the 3D chip)
wants more space-themed Bollywood movies set in
Pakistan, in which case the incentive, beyond pushing
Chrysler's planners out, is lost.

I was looking for appropriate songs
when this came up: This might crash your SunStation 30
but Opera fails to load it.

In a sidebar (how wide is your browser? Oh yeaaaah
baby!) I couldn't help but notice, seeing the Frank
Sinatra retrospectives, that by his stage performance
he looks like the child of David Bowie and Brian Eno.
This comment brought to you by Gevalia Mocha
at West Turkish strength.