Re: Great quote from Sun's vice president/general counsel, Mike Morri s

Mark Baker (
Sat, 16 May 1998 01:31:56 +0000

Tom Whore wrote:
> What is it about java, 100% oure java and the new OrangeGrove Java that
> makes folks loose thier mind? Its a programming langugae.

Part of it is. But not an important part. It's the class libraries
that are at issue.

> Is there a legal
> action to only dev for just ONE version of HTML? or C++? or Basic?

What if somebody *wanted* to bundle a language with the class
libraries? Should they not be allowed?

And what if people licensed this technology and agreed not to modify
those class libraries? If they broke that promise, don't they *deserve*
to be sued for breach of contract? (of course, "deserve" is different
than "should").

> You want to santify java and java like langs to just one source , that
> being sun? What about the move to get java into the hands of the rest of
> the world? Wouldnt that be a pretty little plum for sun to be the One and
> ONly source of all things java, the monarchs of dev.

Yeah, it would.

> How long before the same mob yelling for MS's blood starts moving the
> torches and pitchforcks up to McNealy;s castle? One year is my guese,
> maybe sooner.

Nobody really believes that Java's going to put and end to MS, do they?


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