Re: Stick to your beliefs and ideals.

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Mon, 11 May 1998 14:48:44 -0500

Anna Graham sez ...

Stick to your beliefs and ideals
Asslike Tobi in federal custody
Blissful Yoko, dead certainties
Boyfriends act like ladies to us.
Dickies least of Nydia's trouble.
Died as a result of lickety bison.
Diet Coke labors unsatisfiedly.
DoBee sulked insatisfactorily.
Do you like CBS anti-federalists?
Do you like FBI straitlacedness?
Easily confused tribalist KOed.
Educationalists frisked Boyle.
Failure to yield beckons sadist.
Flask dilution easy to describe.
Forbidden acts, as you like it, Les
FoRKlist: seasoned educability
I'd like a boyfriendless outcast.
I'd like to see your bland fascist.
Kissable as dereliction of duty
Lackeys abuse distortion field.
Lack of disinterest buoyed Lisa.
L'Idiot beauties' lack of dryness
Look at Dr. Seuss-deficient Libya.
Loud Berkeley dissatisfaction
Lucilia booed star-infested sky.
Oceanside Kid absolutely first.
Ore-Ida's Elysian-Field Buttocks
Radio City studio: lank, beefless
Resyllabification tossed Duke.
Salsified silk? You can do better.
Satisfactorily loudened bikes
Sebastian Flyte, delicious dork
Siskel and Ebert: soul of acidity
Sister Silicone faked out badly.
Soaks silent but deadly orifice.
Tabloid: Ulysses okra-deficient
Yuckiest Belial strained foods

Marc Paul Wilson
Al, consular wimp
Allison Warm-Cup
Allow, minus crap.
Allurin' SPAM-Cow!
Allusion w/ cramp
Ampullar in cows
Carolina w/ lumps
Clausal pinworm
Columnal ripsaw
Complain, walrus?
Corallium pawns
Cornwallis puma
I saw columnar LP.
Loup w/ carnalism
Mac purloins law.
Manipular scowl
Marsupial clown
Mull Capsian row.
Music all rap now
Planular cow-ism
Proclaim sun law.
Pullman Air Cows
Pulls w/ macaroni.
Rap music on wall.
Scallion warmup
Ulnocarpal swim
Wallops cranium.
Warn callous imp.
Warp in callosum
Win ups Mallorca.
W/ orinasal clump

Many millions more.