Re: T-shirts (Tom, Lloyd) iMac

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Mon, 11 May 98 07:43:08 -0700

> > Anyone care to place bets on what Apple's marketshare for consumer
> > purchases will be this Christmas? Seriously. Heck, I'll mail an iMac
> > (or other Apple) T-shirt to whomever guesses closest, if at least five
> > FoRKers respond.

From: (I Find Karma)
> Do you want marketshare in dollar amount or as a percentage?

I'm not sure. I suspect revenue is more common, so I'll go with that.

Tom Whore <>
> My best guess is up 3.2%

Did you mean increase by 3.2%, or up to 3.2%? If the former, then I'll
put you down for "7.2%"

> (xxxl ...and tell steve not to go cheap on the cloth)

You think I keep these in stock? You'll get what I have lying around...

From: Lloyd Wood <>