Re: Crash

Dug Song (
Mon, 11 May 1998 10:11:05 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 11 May 1998, Robert Harley wrote:

> This is a sad day, but I cannot tell a lie. My Linux box just
> crashed. It actually locked up solid for no obvious reason. Yes, I
> even had to hit the reset button to reboot. Of course the disks were
> all synced and fscked and my usual apps auto-recovered their state,
> but it did die. (p100 running OpenBSD 2.0) had an uptime of a *year and a half*
running a webserver, the madonna, new order, tina turner, and gary barlow
mailing lists (over 60,000 msgs to/from our machine a day - on average),
steady anon FTP (mp3's, .mov's, etc.), a 3D MUD based on LambdaMOO, etc.

all this, while monkey served as our primary development machine (building
IPv6 kernels, AFS lkm's, hacking on Kerberos, etc. for 3 other machines).

our upgrade to OpenBSD 2.2, however, required us to reboot. :-)

ObAdvertisement (since this is a list of evangelists):

OpenBSD 2.3 CDs ship June 1st, and they'll also be at USENIX and DEFCON.
see and


p.s. rob, you sure you weren't hit with a teardrop-style attack?
and what do you mean by "auto-recovered their state"? you wouldn't
happen to be running RIO, would you? (prof. peter chen, my friend
dave lowell presented it at ACM SOSP, see