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Jay Thomas (
Mon, 11 May 1998 10:03:36 -0400

Ron Resnick wrote:
> my 9 against your 24 - the 3 Islays mentioned, and a fairly standard
> assortment of Highlands/Speysides (Glen Grant, Macallan, Cardhu,

Have the Macallan (18), which I love & Cardhu (toured the distillery),
which is my wifes fave. Of course, drop by the house soon. Wife's
preggers & can't drink. I'd hate to see her bottle of Cardhu go bad :)

> Hmm. Yes, you mentioned that last time. It's available from
> independent bottlers only, and till now I've bought all my
> stuff in Duty Free shops, which tend to have only larger-volume
> distillery bottlings. I think I'm about to start venturing
> into the mail-orders in order to find these more offbeat things.

Hold off on buying the Ardbeg, if you can, before you try it.
Definitely an acquired taste, and I'd hate to steer you wrong, as I
did with the Sherrywood Glenmorangie. Expensive mistake :)

> I really do seem to like the Islays, hence my interest in Port Ellen.
> The Lagavulin and Bowmore, while subtler than Laph, are both
> great - esp. the Bowmore.

Alsoi both in the collection (Lag & Bow). I don't believe I've ever
tried Port Ellen, I know I've never owned a bottle, but as both you &
Greg Bolcer have now recommended it, it will be my next purchase.

> Thanks for the tip! I had a look. Site is not operational yet -
> they simply say "This site will be launched in a few days time.
> To be notified exactly when that moment is click below...Guestbook."

Yes, sorry. I realized that after I sent the message :( I was reading
off their most recent price list.

> Meanwhile, does take orders over the Web, and has
> much better selection than any other online site I've found.
> It sells a 16-yr Port Ellen for =A327 and a cask strength
> Port Ellen 1980 (64.7%), Gordon & MacPhail bottling, =A349.00 - which
> is probably the same as the one you listed above, for about
> the same price.

I'm really curious as to why they say that due to customs restrictions
they can't ship to the US, but Loch Fyne sent my whisky to me with no
problems. They put on the customs tag on the box that it was a
"collectors whisky with no commercial value". Maybe thats why it got

> Thanks. We teach courses in Nashua NH every so often. I'll see
> if I can do one of those in the next few months to swing
> by the Thomas Malt Collection (TMC) :).

Thats an hour north of me. Feel free to drop in after class. :)
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