Re: The soda fountain is now ground zero in the cola wars.

Jay Thomas (
Mon, 11 May 1998 11:26:20 -0400

I Find Karma wrote:
> > An ice-laden soft drink at a fast-food outlet can easily sell for
> > $1.25, with very little overhead for the restaurant operator. Buying
> > bottles and cans costs the restaurants more and they are harder to
> > mark up when consumers can buy a 12-pack of Coke and Pepsi cans for $2
> > in some grocery stores.
> Yeah, why DO I spend a buck or more on fountain drinks? I gotta be an
> idiot. (The fact that I'm posting this at 4:19am notwithstanding...)

Or for that matter, you go into any fast food place or movie theatre
around here, their medium & large sizes (usually labled Jumbo &
Mega-mondo-jumbo) offer free refills. And, yet, customers would rather
pay $.80 more for the large, than spend the 2 minutes to go back for
the refill.
My $.02

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