Re: Debate [RE: Anniversary motto]

spunkanado (
Thu, 7 May 1998 15:13:36 -0400 (EDT)

"ya gotaa have faith faith faith you gota have faith (ass wiggle)" GM

IN all the text and all the sermons and all the holly rolling preaching
I have heard in my time it isinteraction,experience, time and being ,
that has instilled in my soul the articles of my faith. Faith is not
something , for me , that springs up from the eather, it is not something
cast down on me from some asbestos lined bush speaking to me in a slow
pitched charleton Heston voice (FIATH IS MADE FROM PEOPLE PEOOEOEOPLE I

Faith comes mostly from the actions and the expecationsaround me. A flower
grows in a dank city street caught precarioulsy between the ever marching
wheels of the uptown express bus and the latinos CubanoSub cart. It grows
for a year. I watch it every day on my way to work as I cross Avene c and
5th street heading down to the piss smelling station of the 2nd ave F.
every day my faith grows. that flower is go, it is godess, it is the
pinpoint of expectation, it is the slap in the face of the entropy devil
that would tear it all down like a frat boy pantsing the freshman pleebs.
One day I pass by and its gone. But my faith is now so strong that the
idea of that flower is enough. somewhere on some other fucked up street
there is a flower. I never see that flower, i never hear of it, but for me
it is there somewhere and that alone spins in my head to grow a smile wich
i smile at others and see them smile back and then i talk to them and we
share and we care and the cycle from that flower gorws on to the next
person who has never even heard of that flower or the flower I never have
seen and they smile and they share with others and so on and so on and so

"well everything dies baby thats a fact
and everything that dies will some day come back
so do your hiar up right
make your face up preety and ill take you down
to atalnatic city" bs

What is the capacity for faith? What is the level to which a being will
work on pure speculation and expecatation of the rewards of some unseen
yet often felt force? I think every one has thier own level of comfort and
also thier own ways of building up faith. building up faith?

yea. Cause , for me at least, faith is a growth as much as muscle and
smarts and paitences and spelling. These things need to all be expanded
on, build up, tested, made to excel, aspire and achive. The hebrews have
this taken care of witht he whle tlmud set up. Here is a set of works that
forces the rue follower to not just read and spout but to question, to be
tested and to test thier understanding of the word, and the word is g*d
after all, so they are constantly growing thier understanding of g*d.

I think of the torah as the Golds Gym of faith.

There is a disturbing, to me at least, reliance on blind faith. That is to
say on faith that was not grown in and of a person, not understood or even
grasped on by the person themselves, but instead installed in them like a
DeskAccessory or a DLL. The person has no knowing why or for what this
thing is , only that they can use it in such and such a manner and that if
they do the right hand motions the magic will happen. It is this blind
unfounded unknowing faith that seems to cause the most damage to the
whole of us at large.

( Let me make on quick not here, the word understood in the above does not
mean a toaly or even a complete "Groking" of faoth, but it is the idea
that there is at least a mustard seeds kernel of comprehension as to why
and the wherefores of the things being. I know that a faith is often never
"understtod" but I do blevie that unless a faith is properly acknowledge,
and the reason for its being in you comprehended and in as much as it can
be Known about, then it is a blind faith and hence the rant of the
paragraph above)

Where wasI ..Oh yea... Blind faith nice group, horrible idea for a
belife system..

Faith when it is tempered and mixed with understanding, purpose and growth
is much like the ater in a soup . It binds mixes and catalizes the other
ingredients togther to form a great smeeling good tasteing hearty meal
that can be eaten with a fork but you eat with a spoon. Also great for
dunking bread in. And we all know about the whole bread/flesh/faith
connection (if not stay tuned for my rant on Flesh For Food, a stunning
expose on the canablistice nature of faith humanity and fine cooking)

So in conclusion, for the moment Faith...Use it or loose it.