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> > Downsizing the Church - John Dale Davidson, Lord William Rees-Mogg

David Bowie said something very interesting in an interview a while ago. He
see's the whole modern primitive movement as a movement of people looking
for a common belief system due to the failings of the Church. Not that it's
really organized in any real way, but that people have a void inside of
them that they are trying to fulfill but tattooing, piercing, etc. It's
almost as if we all have a archetypical program running that the church as
supressed and without the Church's weight upon us we allow that program to

I'm often asked about a number of my tattoo's and if they have spiritual
meanings. And it's a weird thing to try to explain. But I believe in a
tattoo god. And when the tattoo god speaks to you as mine has since I was a
little child you listen. So I have always gotten inked for no good outward
reason, but an internal one.

Another interesting theory I read recently was after the Marv Alpert thing.
How we had a number of these biting incidents (alpert, tyson) and how this
person believed as we as a society become increasingly complex and
technological human behavoior will in times of stress revert to much more
primitive aspects.



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