Please let me in

James K. Tauber (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:44:37 +0800

I've read the FoRK FAQ and still I must admit to knowing nothing (except
perhaps what a munchkin is) so please let me in.

I am a 24 yo Perth, Western Australia based XML guy trained in linguistics
who has politely turned down some very kind job offers to stay in the most
remote city in the world (I'm still looking for good employers who'll let me
telecommute). I'm a consultant and lecture part-time at Curtin University of
Technology. The call of a PhD is strong, so I might be doing that some time

I got my own domain name to be more like James Clark, but I don't have his
money so I have banner advertising and links to

I've called Rohit a marketer to his face (at WWW7).

I've eaten a muffin that Noam Chomsky didn't want.

I invented Delgating SGML Catalogs, which Charles Goldfarb described as "a
dandy idea".

I have a McDonalds coffee cup that John Linnell (TMBG) drank out of.

Do I qualify?


James Tauber /
Perth, Western Australia
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