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Jim Whitehead (ejw@ICS.uci.edu)
Wed, 6 May 1998 16:41:50 -0700

The Friday benefit show looks like it's really good.

- Jim

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All Systems are go for Friday's KUCI benefit show. Look in either todays
or tommorrow's (haven't been to the newsstands yet) OC Register for an
article about Lexaunculpt. The OC Weekly is spotlighting the show as their
pick of the week. I hop to see everyone there, and we hope to raise enough
to pay for the KUCI benefit CD!

Check the website for directions and schedule. (They should be up this

Wednesday, May 6th, 1998 8-10pm - Surface 10 Performs Live!
Dean DeBenedicts is no stranger Space Disco For Fish Tacos. His
new material combines cutting-edge IDM music with the time-tested
influence of electronic music's pioneers. He has one self-titled
release on the Hypnotic label, and another one on the way. He will
play at the upcoming KUCI benefit show alongside Robert Rich and
Lexaunculpt and will also be featured on the forthcoming KUCI
benefit CD.

Friday May 8th, 1998 8pm-1am - KUCI Benefit Concert
Peach Presents: May 8, 1998 8pm. Live Artists: Robert Rich ,
Surface 10 and Lexaunculpt. DJ's: Chowderhead (Nightnoise), The
9-5Superspy (KUCI's Space Disco For Fish Tacos), Christopher Robin
(KUCI's Riders Of The Plastic Groove, KUCI's
Lnchpl.e.rotic.x.fix.e.ation & Green Eggs & Ham) & Mr Lumpy
(Nightnoise). At the META Gallery, 207 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA.
714.836.6858. For more info, check ou the website at

Here's Some more info on who will be at the benefit show:

Robert Rich (Live Performance)
Robert Rich has been writing electronic music and building his
own synthesizers since the age of 13. His all-night Sleep
Concerts, first performed in 1982 for a sleeping audience at
Stanford, have become legendary among fans of ambient and space
music. In 1996, almost ten years after his last sleep concert, he
performed his first ever radio sleep concert, broadcast over KUCI
airwaves. His music has since become KUCI staple, and he's been
featured in the KUCI Program Guide twice. Robert will be featured
on the upcoming KUCI benefit compilation, "Loraine."

Surface 10 (Live Performance)
Surface 10's Dean DeBenedicts hails from Santa Monica. His new
material combines cutting-edge IDM music with the time-tested
influence of electronic music's pioneers. He has one self-titled
release on the Hypnotic label, and another one on the way. He's
featured on numerous Hypnotic compilations and will be featured on
the upcoming KUCI benefit compilation, "Loraine."

Lexaunculpt (Live Performance)
Lexaunculpt is a fairly new addition to southern California's
electronic road map. Alex Graham has performed under the monikers
Hazel Window and Your Choroid Coat, before settling on
Lexaunculpt. Isophlux records will release a track of his on their
upcoming "Dirty America" compilation and will later release a
Lexaunculpt EP. Orange, a new OC label founded by IDM web master
extrodinare Gonzi Merchan will also be releasing a Lexaunculpt
single. Alex will be featured on the upcoming KUCI benefit
compilation, "Loraine."

Chowderhead (DJ)
Chowderhead, known to fellow knights of the turn tables as Dave
Mosso, has been shaking up Orange County for years. A native San
Franciscan and graduate of UCI's studio art program, Dave got his
start as a wee lad up at KUCI. After revolutionizing OC's
airwaves, he's moved on to form Nightnoise, The Gypsy Den's Sunday
Night chill-out weekly. Thinking that any free time is wasted
time, he's started the Nightnoise E-mail cavalcade and joined up
with guitar manipulator extrodinaire G.E. Stinson to from the
improvisational sound collective known as The Splinter Group.

The 9-5 SuperSpy (DJ)
I've lived in Huntington Beach since I was in diapers. I do a
weekly radio show entitled Space Disco For Fish Tacos and when I'm
foolish enough I write articles and reviews for Fix, the OC Weekly
and the KUCI program guide. In addition, I'm founding Peach, my
joint record label and design company. I claim to be the utmost
authority on fish tacos, and I think that Jim Washburn needs to be
hog tied in a Mexican prison for having the audacity to write that
Super Pollo has better fish tacos than Wahoo's or the Tacos De
Salmon at Taco Mesa.

Christopher Robin (DJ)
I've known this noise junky since the fifth grade. We spent an
unhealthy amount of time playing Nintendo and watching Robotech,
and not much has changed. Chris hosts Lnchpl.e.rotic.x.fix.e.ation
(don't ask) and Riders Of The Plastic Groove (Alongside DJ Kyle).
With some friends, he concocted last summer's outdoor weekly
"Green Eggs And Ham" and Halloween's "Sleepy Hollow." For you GEAH
types, the refugee opossum family in my garage heard that they
might be doing something again soon.

Mr. Lumpy (DJ)
Poor Mr. Lumpy. Also known as Steve Center, this funky monkey
busted breakbeat all over OC's airwaves for years. THE MAN,
fearing a revolution, forced Mr. Lumpy to shave his head and
deported him to Torrance. If that wasn't enough, the humiliating
corporate stiffs that run his cell block make him wear a suit and
tie (the white man's noose). After an unfortunate shower incident
and a light sentence for good behavior, Mr Lumpy's probation
allows him to bust out the funk (in moderate doses) every Sunday
at Nightnoise and the occasional conjugal visit like this one.

Space Disco For Fish Tacos has been on the air for two years, featuring
weekly live performances by electronic musicians from southern California
and abroad. Tune in every Wednesday evening from 8-10pm on KUCI 88.9fm,
broadcasting at 200 watts to the greater Orange County area.

Some past guests have included (In no particular order): Mixmaster Morris,
Ben Neill, Uberzone, Electric Skychurch, Bassland, Skylab2000, Mushroom
Nation, X-Calibur, Gearwhore, Paxwo, Hive, Surface 10, Variance, THC, Mark
Trance's Deep, Cathexis, Sumi, Quadra, Tipsy, Lecanoscope, Control X/Front
BC/Liqui-Fly/Mental Blox, Arjuna, Dimension 23, Liquid Mind Warp, Bleu,
Entrancing Iris, Phthalocyanine, John Tejada, Robert Rich, Hazel Window,
Your Choroid Coat, Low Res, 2 Silver Boxes, A Produce, Max Vaxx & The Rain
People (and the list keeps growing).


Listen to "Space Disco for Fish Tacos", KUCI 88.9fm Wednesdays 8-10pm
New Space Disco For Fish Tacos web site: http://www.kuci.org/~dbremmer

 "We're not talking about music. Fuck music, this is Taco Mesa... Music is
   just something we do until we get hungry and can go back to Taco Mesa"
                                                              -Alex Graham