SIP and Apache

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RST and others..

IMHO, the relationships defined in IP Telephony architectures like DCS
and DOSA around SIP and RTP streams are identical to the relationships
between an HTTP server that guides us through selectable MP3 streams.
In fact, SIP could be what allows MP3 Streaming to compete on a feature-
for-feature basis with RealAudio (ie. instream service selection or
modification, etc.).

So, given that this means that SIP has applications beyond simple IP
Telephony and extending into broadcasting, media streaming, and video-
conferencing, SIP servers will be the in the 00's what the web server
was in the 90's.

This leads us to

So am I wrong in thinking that Apache, as an HTTP server, lends itself
particularly well to being a SIP Call Agent? SIP and HTTP are identical
in that they are stateless, can pass MIME types, and do not sustain
connections. SIP has provision for a CGI architecture, as well.

Does anyone think I'm crazy, after reading the IETF doc, to figure that
a port of Apache code to SIP is simply a case of adding new message
types, modifying port numbers, and broadening CGI handling?

Making SIP Call Agents free from would really open up the
world of call control to the masses, and would steal the bread and
butter of companies like Lucent, Telcordia, and Nortel right from their

Need some opinions..

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