Re: MIT Startup Akamai Has 20 Customers After 75 Days in Business

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 09:21:46 -0700

Interesting concept. It's like an AdForce or for
content instead of banner ads with global load balancing.

Sally Khudairi wrote:
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> The Online Reporter
> June 21-25, 1999 - Issue No 152
> + MIT Startup Akamai Has 20 Customers After 75 Day in Business
> MIT spin-out company Akamai Technologies Inc has announced that
> 20 high-profile web sites, including CNN, Infoseek, Go Network
> and, have signed on as charter customers of the
> company's Free Flow content delivery network. Free Flow is
> designed to improve web site performance and reliability, and
> is backed by a Proof of Performance guarantee. This guarantee
> promises faster access than the web site owner itself can
> deliver and 100% uptime. If Akamai fails to meet either of
> these standards, the customer doesn't pay for the day in which
> the failure occurs. Other charter members Akamai has
> sweet-talked into joining the Free Flow network include:
>, Hard Rock Hotel, various companies from Bill
> Gross's idealab,, The Motley Fool, the New York Times
> on the Web, Sportsline USA and