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Mon, 17 Mar 97 12:20:18 PST

(from Anchordesk)

> __________Berst Alert____________________
> The inability to find what you want -- it's the Web's
> biggest problem. Ironically, the solution may be
> here already... if we can just get the right companies
> to pay attention. An Apple scientist has pioneered
> the "meta content format" -- a way for content to
> describe itself, so you can find anything, anywhere
> in an instant. But it may take all of us working
> together to pry this idea out of the labs and make
> it a standard.

An Apple scientist pioneered metacontent?! Whoa, am I grossly

(from Daily Brief)

> * IBM Corp. is reportedly paying out the largest amount ever in
> cash bonuses for its employees.
> - $1.2 billion to 241,000 employees worldwide based on
> improved financial performance.

Strange, considering all those layoffs a few years back.
Layoffs now mean bonuses later!

> * The 13th annual Moet Luxury Index that purports to measure the
> "cost of living well" showed to be slowing down.
> - though prices for all the 12 things on the list increased,
> the 4.8% rise was the slowest in 5 years.

Time to buy that second Bonneville, Rohit...

> * Billionaire Warren Buffett posted his investment firm
> Berkshire Hathaway's annual report on the World Wide Web this
> weekend.
> - Buffett, usually known for preferring old-fashion
> businesses over high-tech, said he decided it was time to
> enter the 20th century.
> - issued a mild warning to his company's stockholders not to
> expect him to match past rates of phenomenal earnings
> growth.

Welcome to the 20th century, where life's a buffet: it's not very good,
but there's plenty of it.

> * Toyota Motor Corp. denies that it plans to build a $1.6
> billion car plant in Lens in northern France as reported in
> Britain's Financial Times.

What would be so bad about this?

> * Teledesic, owned by billionares Bill Gates and Craig McCaw,
> has received FCC approval to build, launch and operate a
> satellite system that will offer telephone and internet
> services.
> - McCaw says initial service will begin in 2002.

I need to go back and watch 2001: A Space Odyssey again.

> * Intel filed a lawsuit against Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and
> Cyrix Corp. charging infringement on the "MMX" trademark it
> has adopted for its multimedia-enhanced Pentium chip.
> - seeks unspecified damages and fees and an injunction to
> keep the companies from using "MMX".

MMX is a stupid name anyway. Geez.

> * Donald Trump has sued Atlantic City for agreeing to build a
> $330-million highway access road to Mirage Resorts casino.
> - highway deal was negotiated between Mirage CEO Stephen
> Wynn and Gov. Christine Whitman and Trump says it violates
> the state's constitution.

They have a constitution that bans building road access for competing

> * This weekend at the movies:
> - #1: "Return of the Jedi"
> - #2: "Jungle 2 Jungle"
> - #3: "Private Parts"
> - #4: tie between "The Empire Strikes Back" and
> "Donnie Brasco."

Oh no, Private Parts drops to number 3!? And the soundtrack dropped
from number 1 to number 11?? What's WRONG with America?????

> * America Online says a record 16,818 fans attended an online
> forum featuring talk show host Rosie O'Donnell.

Oh yeah, that's what's wrong with America.

> * The Writers Guild of American honored this year's film writers
> at an awards ceremony Saturday.
> - Ethan and Joel Coen won an award for "Fargo," as did
> Billy Bob Thornton for "Sling Blade."

Uh huh.

> * Teams remaining in the NCAA Men's basketball
> tournament (Sweet Sixteen):
> - Providence - Chattanooga
> - Louisville - Texas
> - Stanford - Utah
> - Clemson - Minnesota
> - Kansas - Kentucky
> - North Carolina - UCLA
> - California - Arizona
> - Iowa State - St. Joseph's (PA)

I know sports bits don't usually get posted to FoRK, but
wow is the Pac-10 cleaning up this year. Go UCLA!!


There is another.
-- Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back