Netscape antics

Jim Whitehead (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 10:41:10 -0800

So, after giving a talk at the Bay Area Roundtable on WEBDAV last Friday
morning, with a whole afternoon to kill up in Silicon Valley, my advisor
Dick Taylor, Greg Bolcer, Debi Brodbeck, and I visited with the Netscape
Enterprise Server group. We had a good meeting, and on the way out,
walking through the parking lot, we noticed a gorgeous, new, BMZ Z3
convertible with the top down, British Racing Green. Awesome. So we went
over to take a closer look, and see if we could drool on the leather

And we set off the car alarm.

Nobody came running out (I guess the car wasn't networked), so, very
sheepishly, we walked back to our car (a Hertz University-special price
Toyota Corolla), put our goodies from the Netscape company store into the
trunk (they have very nice mugs and mouse pads with a 3-D Netscape star
field hologram), and drove away.

- Jim

P.S. -- I've now had free Coke at Microsoft *and* Netscape. :-)