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Sat, 15 Mar 1997 16:58:46 -0800

Someone named Wendy J. Mattson at 1:15 PM -0800 on 3/15/97, came up with

* On 14 Mar 1997, <> wrote:


* > * I wonder if the $25K price will be justified when the Next people
* > * discover how deep and powerful an enviroment the Mac web
* > developer
* > * community has created.

deep and powerful in the same sentence with Mac developer doesn't quite
ring true.

* > Fire this asshole! If he had a brain he could go go
* > and see that WebObjects (WO) comes in 3 flavors,
* > lite which is free, PRO. and Enterprise. Only Enterprise is $25K
* While it is true that WebObjects Lite _2.0_ is free, the latest
* version, WebObjects _3.0_ [Lite], is not free.
* Also, Lite and PRO impose limits not found in Enterprise, and the
* "power" users of WO have to go with Enterprise... hence deLuca's
* focus on that version, I'd guess.

Is this the same focus that yesterday said rap-so-dee will NOT run on Intel?

Also how to you define power user? If your talking about I
would have to agree. If however your talking about the other 97% of the web
sites NeXTStep 3.3/Apache/Web Objects lite will more than suffice, and is a
better solution than most "professional (insert NT here)" solutions

* I wonder if Apple will really keep WebObjects, if there is such
* strong support in the developer community for WebSTAR? Will the
* company keep the NEXTSTEP technology, but spin off WO?
* Thoughts, anyone?

I don't think NeXT/Apple will do anything to WO. WebStar is a joke. Check
out MacWeek this week or last. It is being used, because for the most part
the advertising community/graphics community uses Mac's and they don't
know, nor do they have a clue how to even begin to set up something like
Apache. Rap -so-dee will ship with a built in web server, which I'm sure
will be based on something a little more substantial than WebStar.



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over one or more days, can get filled with files
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