Re: FW: Changes at Apple - from Dave Winer (fwd)

Wendy J. Mattson (
Sat, 15 Mar 97 13:15:59 -0800

On 14 Mar 1997, <> wrote:

> * I asked De Luca to help me understand the positioning of Next's
> * WebObjects platform. My concern-will WebSTAR and other server
> * products, and the communities behind those products, have
> any reason
> * to make the transition to the Next-authored operating system? His
> * response: "WebObjects is a mainframe. The price is $25,000 per
> * server."
> * I wonder if the $25K price will be justified when the Next people
> * discover how deep and powerful an enviroment the Mac web
> developer
> * community has created.

> Fire this asshole! If he had a brain he could go go
> and see that WebObjects (WO) comes in 3 flavors,
> lite which is free, PRO. and Enterprise. Only Enterprise is $25K

While it is true that WebObjects Lite _2.0_ is free, the latest
version, WebObjects _3.0_ [Lite], is not free.

Also, Lite and PRO impose limits not found in Enterprise, and the
"power" users of WO have to go with Enterprise... hence deLuca's
focus on that version, I'd guess.

I wonder if Apple will really keep WebObjects, if there is such
strong support in the developer community for WebSTAR? Will the
company keep the NEXTSTEP technology, but spin off WO?

Thoughts, anyone?

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