Re: Rhapsody as MacTel

CobraBoy (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 10:33:57 -0800

Someone named Prabhakar Ernest at 6:57 AM -0800 on 3/11/97, came up with

F-Them! If you want the source look no further than CobraBoy!

rap -so- dee will be called Mac OS-X (as in ten)

Apple will release native finder code named Tempo as OS 8 with two more
releases after that. Mac OS 8.5 then 9, then it goes away.

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* An interesting little zine called Apple Recon. Hard to take seriously
* since
* they are hosted by geocities, but they have an attitude, some
* interesting
* sources, and the occasional clue. THey coined the term MacTel for Mac
* on
* Intel, which of course now means Rhapsody. They are excited about a
* "RedBox"
* that could run Win95 on Rhapsody on Intel.
* We'll see...
* -- Ernie P.
* Which brings us to the latest "Rhapsody Rumors". RFI has heard that Java
* is
* being heavily integrated into Rhapsody, and it is not relegated to
* porting
* OpenDoc to "JavaDoc". That's one of the "State Secrets" that are being
* closely guarded in that "Human Interface Box"because PPCP Solaris*
* development is proceeding ever so slowly. Rhapsody is the "easy
* cross-platform solution" for not only Apple but Sun.
* Other Rhapsody Rumors includes the fact that unless Microsoft decides to
* "totally hack off" its developer base, Rhapsody and MacTel will be able
* to
* run Windows applications for the foreseeable future; even though it
* makes
* Microsoft gnash its teeth that Apple will be able to
* "encroach" on its home turf (X86 boxes) for OS share.


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over one or more days, can get filled with files
the computer uses only temporarily. - NeXTStep Power Tips, pg. 19

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