Rhapsody as MacTel

Prabhakar Ernest (Prabhakar.Ernest@exchange.BCG.com)
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 09:57:00 -0500

An interesting little zine called Apple Recon. Hard to take seriously
they are hosted by geocities, but they have an attitude, some
sources, and the occasional clue. THey coined the term MacTel for Mac
Intel, which of course now means Rhapsody. They are excited about a
that could run Win95 on Rhapsody on Intel.
We'll see...

-- Ernie P.


Which brings us to the latest "Rhapsody Rumors". RFI has heard that Java
being heavily integrated into Rhapsody, and it is not relegated to
OpenDoc to "JavaDoc". That's one of the "State Secrets" that are being
closely guarded in that "Human Interface Box"because PPCP Solaris*
development is proceeding ever so slowly. Rhapsody is the "easy
cross-platform solution" for not only Apple but Sun.

Other Rhapsody Rumors includes the fact that unless Microsoft decides to
"totally hack off" its developer base, Rhapsody and MacTel will be able
run Windows applications for the foreseeable future; even though it
Microsoft gnash its teeth that Apple will be able to
"encroach" on its home turf (X86 boxes) for OS share.