re: this is only a test

duck (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 23:13:50 -0500 (EST)

>And the answer is "probably not", since in my tired condition last night I
>had "Stars" for "Stripes" on the US Flag. Then again, it didn't say
>"current" American Flag, so maybe I get credit for the citing to the
>Revolutionary War version...

Yeah, i caught that, and i was willing to let it slide, but since you
brought it up...

To be fair, i'll buy dinner for whichever of you two visits first. Glad
Rohit wasn't first - i've seen him eat.

>> It was fun looking for nonsense/gross answers!
>That does sound like fun. Second round, anyone?

Always up for a challenge:

>1) 26 = L of the A

Letters of the Alphabet / (Length of the Average dmv line)

>2) 1001 = A N

Arabian Nights / (Aol Numbers that don't work)

>3) 7 = W of the W

Wonders of the World / (Writers of the Washington post with an unbiased

>4) 12 = S of the Z

Signs of the Zodiac / (Slackers of generation Z [our grandchildren]
*measured in billions)

>5) 54 = C in D (W/J)

Cards in a Deck (With Jokers) / (Congressmen in Drug rehab centers (With
Jerry garcia))

>6) 9 = P in the S S

Planets in the Solar System / (Pediphiles in the congreSS [conservative

>7) 88 = P K

Piano Keys / (Percent of Kernels that don't pop in the average bag of
microwave popcorn)

>8) 13 = S of the A F

Stripes on the American Flag / (Sexual preference choices of the Air

>9) 32 D F at which W F

Degrees Fahrenheit at which Water Freezes / (Democratic Fundraisers at
which White house Fucked us)

>10) 18 = H on the G C

Holes on the Golf Course / (Hillary clintons on the "Girl Cloning" plan)

>11) 90 - D in a R A

Degrees in a Right Angle / (Deceptions in a Republican Agenda)

>12) 200 = D for P G in M

Dollars for Passing Go in Monopoly / (Dirty looks for Passing Gas in
Metro station)

>13) 8 = S on a S S

Sides on a Stop Sign / (Straights on a San francisco School board)

>14) 3 = B M (SHTR)

Blind Mice (See How They Run) / (Barry, Marion (crack Smoking Hours on a
Two day Retreat))

>15) 4 = Q in a G

Quarts in a Gallon / (Queers in a Guess? ad)

>16) 24 = H in a D

Hours in a Day / (Hidden agendas in a Democrat's sentence)

>17) 1 = W on a U

Wheel on a Unicycle / (Women on a United nations roster)

>18) 5 = # of D in a Z C

# of Digits in a Zip Code / (# of Defense lawyers in a Zero Cubic foot
area at an oj simpson trial)

>19) 57 = H V

Heinz Varieties / (Heidi fleiss Venereal diseases)

>20) 11 = P on a F T

Players on a Football Team / (Published jurors on a certain Football
player's Trial)

>21) 1000 = W that a P is W

Words that a Picture is Worth / (Ways that a Politician is Worthless)

>22) 29 = D in F in a L Y

Days in February in a Leap Year / (Distance in Feet in a Light Year
[mathematical calculations courtesy of nation of islam crowd estimators])

>23) 64 = S on a C B

Squares on a Chess Board / (Sinners on a Christian coalition Bus [seats 62])


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