More on the virtual chicken

Dan Kohn (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 18:12:33 -0800

The demand in Japan for Bandai's virtual chicken toy (tamagotchi or
"cute little egg") is so strong that the toy can trade on the black
market there for up to 25 times its suggested retail price of about
$16. The plastic egg has a small liquid crystal display on which a
chick "hatches." The owner or "parent" can press buttons to feed,
clean and play with the chick-which if bored, underfed or over-fed,
will emit a piercing noise, change into an old man and die. However,
if properly cared for, the chick ruffles its feathers, hops about, and
lives happily for about a week and a half. Bandai is increasing
production of the toy by a factor of five, and is planning to
introduce it soon into the European and American markets. (Financial
Times 6 Mar 97)