Re: Domain Name Dilemmas.

I Find Karma (
Mon, 3 Mar 97 12:20:08 PST

> * If you are good...
> when did quality have anything to do with anything.

They didn't ask for quality. They just asked if you were good.

> * If you think what we are doing is important...
> kissing Ms's ass?

W3C doesn't just kiss Microsoft's ass. There's a lot of Netscape
puckering, too.

> * If you want to be here...
> yeah, Boston sounds nice compared to the horrible balmy 70's days here.

Yes, isn't our beautiful southern California weather just unbearable?

> * We are looking for people who can help us lead the
> * web to order and rapid enhancement.
> in othere words who will shill for Ms?

"Don't cry for me, IntExplorer... the truth is I never left you..."

> * We hire people who possess insight,
> * tact, technical understanding, and the ability to follow things though.
> * --
> damn FrontPage spell checker.

What's funny is that it reads like "We hire people with the ability to
follow things IN SPITE OF their insight, tact, and technical
understanding." :)


The goal is to build a web so conceptually consistent, socially relevant
and technically expandable as to allow the next great paradigm to become