Domain Name Dilemmas.

I Find Karma (
Mon, 3 Mar 97 11:32:21 PST

Isn't it a little late for Ziff Davis to be "breaking" this story?

> Highjackings, Lawsuits Underscore Domain Name Dilemma
> These days, hardest part of setting up a Web site is securing rights to
> a domain name of choice. Some fall victim to Internet hijackings. Go to
> register their name a third party has already appropriated it. They
> either pay to retrieve it or pursue a legal claim. One example:
> High-profile London department store Harrods recently went to court to
> reclaim the Internet address Meanwhile, the
> courts and the government are getting involved in charges and
> counter-charges regarding domain name registration and a move to add
> seven top-level domains to the familiar .com, .org and .net standards.
> Our take: More chaos ahead. Even if you don't plan to implement a Web
> site for a while, get the domain name you want asap, or it could cost
> you plenty.

In unrelated news, I've been watching the ACM '97 broadcast over the
MBone. Carver Mead is speaking right now. Interesting not for the
visions but for the celebrity of it all. Strange thing about computer
science is that a lot of the pioneers are still around, for better or


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