So now it's DEC Alpha > Power PC > Intel Pent in performance?

I Find Karma (
Mon, 3 Mar 97 11:22:12 PST

[from Educom]

>The PowerPC alliance between IBM, Apple and Motorola has inched ahead of
>Intel's next microprocessor generation with its G3 family chip,
>code-named Arthur (for the 6th century British king), which is slightly
>faster and cheaper to manufacture than Intel's Pentium II chip
>(code-named Klamath), due out in the second quarter of this year.
>Another high-performance PowerPC chip, code-named Mach 5, is planned for

Mach? As in the operating system?

>summer or fall release, says an IBM VP. Arthur, with initial speeds of
>250 MHz, is purported to be 90% faster than the current PowerPC 603c
>chip, and slightly faster than Klamath. The fact that the PowerPC chips
>generate much less heat than the Pentium chips will make them ideal for
>laptops, a market that will be critical for Apple in the next couple of
>years. (Wall Street Journal 28 Feb 97)

This is still a lot slower than the DEC Alphas fleet though, right?


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