Apache still kickin' ass in global marketshare

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 12:13:24 -0500 (EST)

From: reagle@rpcp.mit.edu (Joseph M. Reagle Jr.)
Subject: Microsoft Takes 2nd Place In Web Server Field 02/10/97

TOKYO, JAPAN, 1997 FEB 10 (NB) -- By Martyn Williams. While the free
Apache server continues to dominate the Web server market, in the
lower positions of the chart, Microsoft has been moving up steadily
and this month takes second place in the main commercial domain,
according to a survey carried out by Netcraft. The British Internet
security firm takes a survey of Web sites each month to see what
software they are running, the February 1997 survey received responses
from 739,706 sites.

Despite Microsoft's growth, Apache is still far ahead of the field.
The server is available free of charge and supported by users. It is
currently found on 304,131 Web servers, or 41.1 percent. Following, in
the entire ranking top ten: the NCSA server, on 71,840 seervers or 9.7
percent; Microsoft's IIS, 8.4 percent; Netscape Communications, 4.8
percent; Netscape Commerce, 4.6 percent; CERN, 3.2 percent; Netscape
Enterprise, 3.0 percent; thttpd, 2.5 percent; Microsoft Internet
Information Server, 2.4 percent; WebSitePro, 2.3 percent.

New in the top ten in February is the thttpd server. The strong
performance is somewhat deceptive because almost all the added sites
came as the result of London's Demon Internet using the server on its
18,000 plus virtual domain Web server.

Among Web servers in the ".com" domain, The Microsoft server has
jumped into second place this month. It currently counts 8.51 percent,
ahead of the NCSA server's 7.49 percent. Close on its heels is
Netscape, which makes three servers. In total, the Netscape software
accounts for 57,664 sites and is ahead of the combined Microsoft total
of 47,048.

Among regional markets that Netcraft surveyed, the UK market had a new
leader. The thttpd server jumped to first place thanks to Demon
Internet. It claimed 41.54 percent of the entire UK domain, with Apache
following with 25.76 percent. The CERN server still has fans in the UK
as it was in third place ahead of the NCSA software, then Netscape and

For the first time, Netcraft has surveyed the Japanese market. It's
poll shows the country follows the same basic patterns as other
nations. In first place is the NCSA server, with 27.01 percent, and
followed by the Apache server with 24.53 percent. The market will be
interesting to watch as the gap between leaders is closer than in many
other countries.

A look at the developing Chinese market provided some interesting
results. The nation relies on the NCSA software to run 38.19 percent
of Web sites followed by the two Netscape servers, 11.29 and 8.62
percent, then Microsoft's IIS at 7.60 percent, and the CERN server at
6.16 percent. Only then, in sixth place, does Apache appear, with 6.16
percent of the share.

Full details and results from the server, plus national surveys for
the UK, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, China, and the Unites States
domains can be found at Netcraft's Web site, http://www.netcraft.com .
You can also find a script that will poll any server address requested
and find out what software is being run at that time.

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