I Find Karma (
Mon, 17 Feb 97 12:06:28 PST

(from Educom)

> Most companies are struggling to expand their bandwidth by adding faster
> network links, which is expensive and doesn't always guarantee faster
> access during periods of heavy and unexpected traffic. Packeteer Inc.
> takes a different approach with its PacketShaper product that enables
> network managers to "shape" and enforce policies on which individuals or
> groups of users should receive bandwidth priority. The hierarchical
> ranking system applies to both incoming and outgoing use, and can be
> configured based on connection speed, application type or IP address.
> (CIO 1 Feb 97) < >

Look, Rohit, one step closer to "If I send a message from point A to
point D through points B and C, I pay points B and C to route my message
based on my urgency and bandwidth requirements."