PPC ports

CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 08:40:59 -0800

Two anonymous notes about PowerPC support in non-Mac operating systems:

[Note 1] "...For a while Apple thought (still) that Sun was developing
Solaris for CHRP
platforms, however, when I asked [head of PowerPC development at Sun]
about it, he told
me that since no one was funding the development and the market was small
and did not
seem to be increasing, at the time (November) Sun had not and did not plan
to port Solaris to
the CHRP platform. Solaris has and still exists as a port to the Motorola
motherboard (development only) and the IBM RS/6000 motherboard, but both
products exist
for compatibility only; likely to be killed whenever it is not economic to
maintain the port,
and are unlikely to see a true 64-bit version. That's the scoop on that;
Apple reps still think
(SF/Expo) that Sun is working on a Solaris port, which is curious."

[Note 2] "Rumor was Micro$oft wanted $100 Million to port NT5 to PPC They
would not
let Moto do the port for NT5 like they did for NT3.5.1 and NT4.0 Moto had
no projections
of getting that kind of revenue for NT boxes, Neither did IBM or Apple,
they told MS to
keep NT. Why they did not go public with MS demands?? I don't know..."


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