Fw: bodylan's TOM BLACKADAR in e-club's seminar-095 7pm in 66-148 ...

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 11:37:09 -0500

Personal Area Networks and Personal Information Architectures strike again.


PS. anyone else read the piece on Gelertner's Lifestreams in Wired this
month? It think the chronology is just one projection of oSpace. The real
key is providing a single message abstraction (with hyperlinks) of all the
'stuff' constantly flowing into our lives. That Yale team's on the right
track. I don't buy the article's jihad against academic CS, though.

> From: rdshydur@MIT.EDU
> To: sem095@MIT.EDU
> Cc: e-club@MIT.EDU; sem089@MIT.EDU
> Subject: bodylan's TOM BLACKADAR in e-club's seminar-095 7pm in 66-148
> Date: Tuesday, February 11, 1997 10:48 AM
> * new start-up case! tonight 7pm in 66-148, immediately after the e-club
> reminder to seminar students, active listeners & alum
> in seminar-095: tech start-ups at mit:
> thomas blackadar, recently senior scientist at bbn and
> original developer of `bodylan' will present a new start-up
> case in seminar this evening starting at 7pm on his newest
> project `PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES' ... bodylan-based,
> and now focused on medical environments.
> tom will review his work on bodylan and related research and
> introduce his topics & timelines for personal electronic devices
> which the e-club has been following and now moves as a new case
> into the seminar environment:
> getting started - laying the foundation (underway)
> going for capital (march)
> launching a business (may)
> controlling the urges (sep)
> delivery (dec)
> please post this new seminar case reminder where appropriate
> and bring along other interested students, faculty, friends and
> potential participants.
> see you all in 66-148 at 7pm, immediately following e-club,
> - r
> nb:
> new seminar case `channelvision on-line' with founders
> george conant and michael begun to be re-scheduled for
> later in the term;
> 13-episode pbs' `future vision' naming & brainstorming
> session IS ON for this thursday at 7pm in a location tba,
> welcome ellen berman & producer tom d'giovani, with e-club's
> nancy gardner '81 and jonas sylevester '96, details later today;
> review of seymour papert's new learning & epistemology start-up
> project in thailand forthcoming;
> details of first rockport institute e-club & seminar retreat
> schedule, subsidies for 6 registered mit students per month's
> weekend retreat informational session to be discussed in all
> upcoming e-club & seminar-095 meetings;
> .