Microsoft sucks

Joe Barrera (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:03:46 -0800

(After carefully watching the flames against Microsoft here, I think I've
learned how to use combine reasoned analysis, acute observation, and
refined debating style to generate my own flames against Microsoft... )

God! I hate Microsoft. They're based in Seattle. That's where all those
murders happen, just like on Millenium. Did you see that episode with the
gated community? What a bunch of jerks. The character that ended up killing
that kid with his car, I bet you he was a Microsoft employee. "Gated
community", heh heh. Gates, gated, pretty obvious, eh? Mark Snow really
"snowed" them, you could say.

And what arrogance to use two-button mice! Everyone knows that mice should
use one button, because that's what Macintoshes use. (Alternatively:
"Everyone knows that mice should use three buttons, because that's what X

I read something that a Microsoft employee posted to some newsgroup. The
posting had several factual errors! That just proves that Microsoft is full
of stupid people. If they were smart, they'd work at a *real* company
writing Unix code. But they're stupid so all they know is how to write
Win32 + OLE. I bet you they couldn't write a simple Unix program if their
life depended on it.

Oh, and did I mention how impossibly difficult it is to write Windows
programs? No wonder Microsoft has a monopoly, no one else can figure out
how to write against their platform.

- Joe

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