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Hmm... that would be "Endorsers of Microsoft"?

> Yes, there are actually several such compounds under consideration. Eac=
> interferes with (at least) one key enzyme required by the virus. A
> list of compounds currently under consideration can be found at

Oh, Joe, this is TOO precious... especially the bit about college chemist=
labs :-)


This site attempts to organize information on some of the chemical
compounds that have been manufactured for use as chemical warfare (CW)
agents. Our goal is to provide detailed scholarship on the chemistry of C=
agents that is required to understand their demilitarization and their
behavior in the environment. We have included enough other information to
provide a necessary backgound for this effort. We have decided, however, =
post no information about the manufacture of these compounds. We do this
even though we recognize that this information is unclassified and freely
available, and that some reactions used for preparation of CW agents are
widely known. We made this decision because we do not wish to give any
assistance, no matter how minor, to those who would attempt to manufactur=
these materials.

To anyone who manages to figure out how these compounds are made and is
contemplating trying to make one of them, a few words of warning:

=95These compounds are dangerous. If you actually succeed in making one o=
them and you do not possess and use the proper protective equipment, it
will probably be the last thing you do

=95The proper protective equipment goes way beyond what you are familiar =
from your college chemistry laboratory. For example, most Ph.D. chemists
have neither seen nor used the type of protective gear the U.S. military
requires for work with nerve agents.=20

=95Each of the manufacturing schemes given requires at least one (and
generally several) compound on the Schedule of Chemicals from the
Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling=
and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction. If you try to
purchase the materials to make one of the CW agents, instead of the
chemicals, you are likely to receive a few pointed questions from law
enforcement (at the very least).=20

The bottom line is that attempting to prepare CW agents is likely to have
unpleasant consequences. Don't try it.