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CobraBoy (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 13:29:09 -0800

>>>Oh, and Bill funds half my paycheck, but that's totally irrelevant. ;-)
>>>So if Bill didn't fund half your paycheck would your engineers be using
>>>UltraSparc or SGI?
>>No, Tim, and the reason why is important. We have a couple UltraSparcs
>>for the few pieces of software that aren't available yet on NT, which
>>we access using X Windows from the NT desktops. All of those software
>>products have an NT version in the works. By contrast, we can't get
>>the productivity applications (yes, MS Office) on Unix desktops, and we
>>wanted to avoid 2 computers on a desktop.

Wrong. Using MAE (Macintosh Applications Enviorment) you can run any
Macintosh application. Granted you would have to run Ms Office Mac but yes
it can be done.

>>More to the point, there is
>>a HUGE price/performance advantage on Wintel desktops over UltraSparc
>>and SGI. Not just on the base system, but memory, graphics cards,

Yep, your right about that.

>>Fine, MS-DOS sucked. Fine, Win3.1 sucked. Fine, Win95 only has parity
>>with MacOS (e.g., multitasking is much stronger, file system is
>>weaker). Fine, NT isn't perfect yet. But Wintel has dominance, and
>>that translates into an ability to price down the learning curve that
>>no other vendor can match. It's like the old Toshiba line. Q: How
>>much will it cost. A: You decide, and we'll tell you how many you
>>have to order. MSFT has the market share, and that gives them a huge
>>advantage in both price and range of applications available.
>> - dan

Granted for now. ;-)



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