Re: Phoenix Article (from Website) (re ARISIA)

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 12:03:21 -0600

> >"Everyone in this room is wearing a uniform, and don't kid yourself."
> >
> >- Frank Zappa, circa 25 years ago

"Stop that. You'll hurt your voice."

Mr. Barfko-Swill was responding to a heckler in concert, who was ranting about
some fascist plot or other. The Chief Mother was always happy to deflate the
pompous and other clueless types. Still one of my favorites. FWIW, I saw The
Mothers in Houston about 3 years before Rohit was born.

> funny, unless I'm going out I sit here naked.

Hey you,
Out there on your own,
Sitting naked by the phone,
Would you touch me?

Um, nevermind. In fact, don't even think about MBone, okay?