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If you have to nominate someone for inclusion to FoRK this guy get's it.

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Date: 28 Jan 1997 14:14:01 GMT
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Not being a Crue "fan" (although a couple of songs rocked and lyrically
didn't make me woof), I can't tell if that show was some 1985 rerun or if
the acid's kicking back in. Did those guys actually sing a song called
"Shout at the Debbil"? I can't believe it, but it was actually dumber than
when they first recorded it. What that for real? I can't believe a band
would be so divorced from reality. The tepid audience response was
testament to its preposterousness. You'd think they'd write a new song or
something, like maybe "Shout at the Alternative Bands". Great drummer
though. And this whole "outlaw" thing. Since when did middle-aged victims
of arrested development, retarded social skills and delusional importance
qualify as "outlaw"? Jeez. I hope they don't take this personally if they
read these groups: I'm just trying to help...(and I wouldn't want to get
beat up by one of those outlaws.)



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