RE: dat need fur speed...

CobraBoy (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 08:06:21 -0800

At 7:18 AM -0800 1/22/97, Joe Barrera wrote:
>Is it software cost or hardware cost that keeps you from running NT on your
>laptop? Or simply a desire for power management features? (I learned to
>live without power management. Yes, it meant waiting a couple of minutes to
>boot up on the airplane, but that was far less inconvenient than using
>Do you run NT 4.0 on something else (a desktop somewhere) so that you know
>what it's like?
>If you were able to run NT 4.0 on your laptop, would you still actively
>mourn the NeXTstep user environment?

Well in about 4 months I'll be running NeXTStep (MacOpenStep) on a 200 mhz
603e PowerBook.

So much for that..



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