Best OS

CobraBoy (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 09:01:08 -0800

Lets just put our cards on the table here.

My list of the best.

1) NeXTStep/OpenStep - if you don't understand this being #1 heaven help you.

2) Solaris- this is what I call the 1969 Chevelle SS 454 OS. it doesn't
handle, you can't stop it, but put the pedal to the metal and hold on.

3) tie - Linux/MacOS - Linux is simply the best consumer "real" OS
available, and the Mac is still the best consumer OS.

4) Win NT 4.0 - tacky interface slapped on a so so OS

5) OS/2 - too bad...

6) Win 95 - good for playing games using the kernal (DOS), should have been
abandoned years ago. tacky white trash version of a gui interface.

7) Timex Sinclair Z-80 - hey anything could beat #8

8) Win 3.1 - no comment


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