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Tue, 21 Jan 1997 17:41:34 -0800

At 5:27 PM -0800 1/21/97, Joe Barrera wrote:
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>>Subject: dat need fur speed...
>>Well I finlly did it. I replaced good old trusty "Zydeco" my ever loyal
>>Quadra 950 with "BeBop" a brand new 8500/180. Man is this thing fast.
>>Anyone that says a Pentuim is faster is nuts. This thing just eats my
>>Micron P-133 alive. Everything seems to work fine, some crashes after
>>empting the trash which I associate with SpeedDoubler 2.0 from
>>Other than that it's flying.
>Can this CobraBoy (who doesn't mind "some crashes" after emptying the
>trash) really be the same CobraBoy who sez:
>More reliable than what? If it's Win'95 then yeah thats a big win.
>No, it cannot be. I must assume that one of these posters is really
>"CoRBaBoy". But which one?

Oh boy, oh boy. This is the same CobraBoy that sez... "empting the trash
which I associate with SpeedDoubler 2.0 from Connentix." The stock 8500
run's perfectly. Connentix SpeedDoubler 2.0 is known to have some problems,
which Connectix is saying' doesn't happen.

This is also the same CobraBoy that since he wrote that has not had a crash
all day after turning off the SpeedEmpty feature of SpeedDoubler. So let's
see, Netscape 3.01, Eudora checking mail, Newswatcher, TraceRoute,
SoundEdit 16 (a Rohit project), MacZip (Rohit again) FirstClass Client,
MoviePlayer playing .mpg's off the Usenet, and a couple of other utility
apps cleaning up some things.

Now let's compare this to my *absolutely stock* Win'95 Micron.

Install PaintShop Pro. Get consistant dialogs telling me that Files or
needed resources can't be found when double clicking off the Desktop.
Un-install PaintShop Pro. Now ACDeeSee can't launch a .jpg without locking
up. Ok, uninstall ACDeeSee. Now I can get my little graphics viewer that
comes with whatever that Telecom program to launch a .jpg file, that is
unless I have a graphics file in a nested folder on the desktop. Oh well
Iets go to AOL 3.0. What's this? AOL 3.0 doesn't support the Win'95
interface? To download to the desktop I have to go C/Windows/Desktop...
Ooops, sorry, C:\Windows\desktop.

I will crash a Mac anyday over sitting in front of a Win 95 machine looking
at a .DLL/.VXD not found, Registry Corrupted dialog box.



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