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Joe Barrera (
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 17:30:30 -0800

Is LCS a big DARPA shop? I thought CMU was mostly DARPA, and LCS mostly
NSF/etc. But I could be completely wrong. I do know that CMU did get a lot
of DARPA money.

- Joe

PS I'll probably stop posting so much after the mood stabilizers kick in...
but, as they say, "have manic state and keyboard, will post"...

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[Tennenhouse going to DARPA...]

>Rumor has it his tenure request was denied, so this is the
>onward-and-upward move. And it's no slouch of a position, it sounds like
>excellent platform.

That's not a rumor; Tennenhouse was denied tenure a couple of years ago.
It was either the same year or within a year of the Papadopoulos
"event," if I remember correctly. Sort of surprising that Tenenhouse
stayed on so long.

I wonder if he'll show LCS the same courtesy at DARPA that they showed