NeXT demo in LA

Prabhakar Ernest (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 13:15:00 -0500

Hi all,

Sorry to abuse the list, but it was the fastest way to contact Tim.
Plus, I
could use some advice from the rest of you.

The Mac LA DevSIG wants an NS and IB demo next Tuesday (7pm) in Santa
If necessary I could give it, althought it might be better if someone
more up on the new Web stuff could. The real problem is getting
there. Ideally we'd want a color Intel machine we could hook up to a
As a last resort, I could drag my cube over, but its heavy and B&W and
incompatie w/projectors., ugh.

So, any suggestions how to pull it off:
- Caltech or CSULB? Mahoney?
- Get hardware (or software) from Apple? NeXT? Sun?
- any NeXT-using companies left here?

Tim, could you even give a demo? Rohit, Adam, any other people we could

-- Ernie P.
From: Wendy J. Mattson on Mon, Jan 20, 1997 4:00 PM
Subject: URGENT: LA Mac users want Demo of NeXT
To: Prabhakar Ernest


I got a phone message today from:
Gordon Apple
Redondo Beach

He runs the DevSIG for the LA Macintosh User Group, would like to
set up a demo by someone in SoCAL -- can you help / refer him to

They want a demo in 14 days or less (maybe 7-10 days).

Please call him directly ASAP, and explain I referred you. (I can't
make too many long-distance calls from work:). -- I don't have your
phone number with me, or I'd give it to him.

Note: He saw the announcement re: BANG Meeting 1/23 via Guy
Kawasaki's Evang. email list. Email *just works!* :-)

Lots happening up here since the merger!

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