"Ichijiku enema" is a "Windows95" in the market of enemas.

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Grab your virtual tickets, and let's go visit a museum in Japan!
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> http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~yun/

> "Touyou Kanchou Hakubutsukan (T.K.H.) is Oriental Enema Museum... [sic]"

> Now we are gathering many enemas, we will renew our home page weekly.

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> http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~yun/japan.html

> In Japan there are many kinds of disposable enema. But it is difficult to
> find any difference among them, as regards their appearance or component
> Maybe there are two reasones. First, in Japan, "Ichijiku enema" has over
> 90% share in the market of disposable enemas. "Ichijiku" is a
> fig,"Ichijiku enema" is named for its appearance. For its share, many of
> Japanese don't know other enemas. they associate a enema with a fig. Then
> other companies need to create the outline of enema a fig. (Indeed
> "Ichijiku enema" is not superior in every way to other enemas. They can
> get a position of "standard of enema" by the huge quantity of publicity.
> "Ichijiku enema" is a "Windows95" in the market of enemas. I think that
> Windows95 is not superior in every way to other OS, too. Then please view
> this home page with NetScape, not with InterNet Explore.) Second, there
> are many companies that sell enemas, but not so many that manufacture
> enemas. For example "Mune Seiyaku (Mune Pharmacy)" manufactures more 5
> kinds of enema. All of these enemas look alike each other, but are selled
> by different companies, named differently each other.

Additional observations:


In the latter part of February, "ENEMA EXPO 97 beta edition"
will be held at Kyoto city.

"beta edition"!? Of the product or the Expo? How is this possible? Will
either one have bugs to be worked out by early adopters of the technology?


I sure we all look forward to the day when first-rate products dominate the OS
market here, like, say, ATOMIC ENEMA must dominate in China.


Nonstandard Disclaimer: Happily, I have no connection with any of these
products. But ATOMIC ENEMA just makes me laugh.